The Challenge Of Islam - Calling the Church to Act by Dr Stuart Robinson

The Challenge Of Islam - Calling the Church to Act by Dr Stuart Robinson from  in  category
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Category: Religion , Christianity
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THE CHALLENGE OF ISLAM: Calling the Church to Act by award winning & best-selling author Dr Stuart Robinson: Mostly only those who have lived within Islamic communities and have studied their primary documents (Quran, Hadith and Sira) can appreciate what is happening as revivalist classic Islam spreads its message and activities around the world. Western Christian religious leaders, preoccupied with domestic issues internal to their own movements, mostly don’t understand. Some hope the whole issue will just go away. Others with a more universalist outlook imagine that with minor cultural adjustments, we can all live happily together forever after. This short book will help the busy reader to understand what is happening and in general terms, how Christians need to respond. Not to do so could mean that our children, or more certainly our grandchildren, may grow up not in countries which for centuries have been sustained by a Judeo-Christian worldview, but in those increasingly dominated by Islamic ideology.


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