The Hand of Iblis: An Anatomy of Evil, Summary Observations on the New World Ord by Omar Zaid

The Hand of Iblis: An Anatomy of Evil, Summary Observations on the New World Ord by Omar Zaid from  in  category
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Author: Omar Zaid
Category: Islam , History
ISBN: 978-967-11295-4-8
Publisher: omar zaid
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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The Hand of Iblis is finely sifted and mercilessly to the point.  The author unveils the present organizational structure and methodologies of secret societies worldwide. Substantiated with documents, inside information, iconographic and archeological proofs along with excellent analysis; Dr. Zaid weaves an extremely detailed tapestry and accurate account of the occult interference in the history of mankind―inclusive of respected historical figures… Dedicated to God‘s Wisdom and Tawhid, I laud the author‘s presentation of a genuinely evenhanded academic thoroughness; one that does not exclude the Divine Revelation. I can say no more than this: ‘Bravo Dr. Zaid’.  - Franz Josef (Ysusf) von Hofler Brilliant! I haven’t read such a powerful combination of ideas and studies in years. Allah has touched you my brother; Masha Allah Alek. Thank you Tom [Tom Dark] for introducing me to this brilliant man and thank you Omar for building a bridge between cultures, one that puts Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” to shame. - Wael Khairy Correspondent and Film Critic, London & Cairo Omar’s got Iserbyt, Tarpley, Coburn, Skousen and Coleman beat for readability and scholarliness. This fresh perspective reveals the transcendent qualities of Islam as he and his brethren comprehend it. His treatise is singular and presents a world-class account of governmental conspiracy from an Islamic point of view; one with pithy themes of serious reconciliation for Christians.  - Thomas Dark,  Literary Critic, Agent and Author


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