NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook by Jason Dentler

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Author: Jason Dentler
Category: Engineering & IT
ISBN: 9781849513050
File Size: 4.14 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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This book contains quick-paced self-explanatory recipes organized in progressive skill levels and functional areas. Each recipe contains step-by-step instructions about everything necessary to execute a particular task. The book is designed so that you can read it from start to end or just open up any chapter and start following the recipes. In short this book is meant to be the ultimate how-to reference for NHibernate 3.0, covering every major feature of NHibernate for all experience levels.This book is written for NHibernate users at all levels of experience. Examples are written in C# and XML. Some basic knowledge of SQL is assumed.


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