The Truth about Life and Who You Really Are by James Need

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Author: James Need
ISBN: 9781626757677
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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If you want to understand who you really are and why you are truly here, then this book is for you. The essence of this book is to help people to understand life, reality, who they really are, and why they are here, at a much deeper level. So as a result they can drastically improve the quality of their life experience and the way they feel on a day to day basis, and so they can start to become a powerful creator of their own reality. This book really helps people to see that they have grown up in a society that is profoundly disconnected from life, and it is this disconnection from life and who we really are, that is causing all problems on a collective and individual level. This book very clearly explains the fundamental laws of life that you need to understand to set yourself free internally and externally, and the fundamental laws of reality that you need to understand in order to start becoming a powerful creator of your own reality. It is also packed full with meditation, or more appropriately ‘raise your vibration’ techniques, that people can easily implement into their daily life. This will profoundly improve the way they feel about themselves and the world, and it will really help them to start taking control of their reality. This book will ignite within you a deep fascination for wanting to understand life and who you really are at a much deeper level, and if you implement just a couple of the techniques into your daily life, it will improve the quality of your life experience on all levels.


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