How to Talk to Anyone in Any Situation by Brenda Hill

How to Talk to Anyone in Any Situation by Brenda Hill from  in  category
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Author: Brenda Hill
Category: Motivation
ISBN: 9781456617066
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With the ever so changing technological advancements that our society is blessed to have at this moment, many people have disregarded the importance of social contact and communication. After the use of emailing, social networking, and texting have come into play, the need for handwritten letters have decreased as well as the need for social interaction. Many people nowadays have trouble speaking to one another during face-to-face conversations; however, their conversations are perfectly fine once they've sat themselves down in front of a monitor. Unfortunately, a genuine conversation is hard to find and hard to create. What's worse is the fact that many people are rather shy and do not dare to approach one another for a simple conversation. Yet, communication still ends up as being the number one necessity for success in life. So what do you do when you cannot bring yourself to initiate a conversation with another individual? The answer is only one step and a word away.


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