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The Byrds - My Way - Volume 4 | James "Jimmi" Seiter | Bookbaby | 9781483501475 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

The Byrds - My Way - Volume 4 by James "Jimmi" Seiter

The Byrds - My Way - Volume 4 by James
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Category: General Academics
ISBN: 9781483501475
Publisher: Bookbaby
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The Byrds – My Way By James “Jimmi” Seiter Description The Byrds – My Way (Volume 4) is a first-hand description of the inner workings of the Byrds and Burrito Brothers and other entertainment live events: written by James ‘Jimmi’ Seiter (Road Manager, production manager and much more for many bands and events). It sets the record and previous assumptions straight as to what was really going on, from detailed personal, first-hand experience. He takes you on his journey which began in 1966; telling his version of events as he lived them in the form of 64 stories. It elaborates on the hard work that went on behind the scenes, to make the magic of music happen on stage in those days. The book series will recount the daily happenings of a few of America’s foremost Rock/Folk/Pop bands of the 1960’s & 1970’s as well as other production stories. This is Volume 4 there are many more to come so stay tuned and there is a website which also has many historical photos.


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