God said... 'Let there be Love' by George G. Edwards

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Albert Davidoo & George G. Edwards bring to life this captivating tale inspired by a true story! Follow along as this journey of faith, the pendulum we call life, and the quintessential meaning of unconditional love sends you on a most passionate array of emotions. Sharing the belief that love and compassion can unite the world, this story embodies their message. Paul is a young boy born in Northern Iraq, a land that a minority of Christians still considers home. Follow him through his journey in life, as he discovers and zealously pursues what he believes is fate, with the Goddess of Love – Ishtar! Ultimately, a macabre tragedy alters his destiny, sending him spiraling into a life of anger, depression, and fear that consequently leads him to a voyage across the world. Uncover the shocking truth that was hidden from Paul for over twenty years; a secret that will compromise the very fabric of his identity. Finally, the struggle to forgive his enemies, the love of his life, and ultimately… God! Prepare yourself for an ebb and flow of emotions that will leave you yearning to discover the truth. In the beginning, God said… “Let there be love.”


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