How I Learnt To Stop Missing England And Love The Herring or by Simon Linter

How I Learnt To Stop Missing England And Love The Herring or by Simon Linter from  in  category
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Author: Simon Linter
ISBN: 9781483511436
Publisher: Bookbaby
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How I Learnt to Stop Missing England and Love the Herring or A Decade In Sweden is one man’s perspective on living in the country that loves eating cold fish, Sweden. My move from Northampton, England in November 2003 to Gothenburg, Sweden was viewed as utter madness by some and extremely brave by others. In 2003, I handed in my notice at the newspaper where I worked, raising some questions from my work colleagues: “You are leaving us? That's a shame. Where are you going to next?” This was the usual line of questioning as if they were expecting the answer that I had found another newspaper or magazine to work for instead. But my answer was always: “I'm moving actually.” “Oh? To London?” “Sweden.” “What?” It was a strange concept to people who expected that I should move out of Northampton to another town, not out of the country completely. So what does an Englishman actually make of a country he has made his home for ten years? This book examines almost every aspect of living in Sweden from animals with attitude problems to learning the language from a teacher with a red sock on their hand to a society that really hates being bought a simple drink. This book answers all of the questions and highlights those little differences that just seem to exist to make an Englishman trip up. This book is aimed at everybody or anybody that is thinking about moving to Sweden, has already moved to Sweden and at the Swedish themselves. It takes a light hearted look at both the U.K and Sweden and reveals what each country does differently and what to expect if you visit.


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