How To Build A Good Home by Ify Obiekwe

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Author: Ify Obiekwe
Category: Religion
ISBN: 6610000037940
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Everyone dreams of building a good home right from their relationship. The period before going into building a home is ideally when an intending spouse should build self by obtaining all information necessary to prepare them for building a good home. However, what we find is a number of young, uninformed minds living in a dreamland and fantasizing about all that building a good home is not. Their expectation is influenced by secular novels, movies, and culture that only present an unrealistic picture of building a good home and create mental blocs to the effectiveness of God’s word in home building. Thus many people go into home-building with the wrong mindset that erodes the purpose of GOD for instituting the home. God is the builder but can’t build beyond our willingness to believe and obey his principles and master plan. How can a man or woman prepare to build a good home in this age? How can you have the home of your dreams? How can you disarm the devil that ploughs around seeking to put your homes in shambles? In this well-tailored book, Ify Obiekwe (Jnr.) writes on the pillars and keys that would help one build and sustain a good home. If you desire to see the purpose of God fulfilled in your home, then this book is a must read! You will have the home of your dreams.


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