Green Made Easy by Chris Prelitz

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Author: Chris Prelitz
Category: General Academics
ISBN: 9781401925147
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Green Made Easy is a simple-to-use guidebook offering tips on how you can make the transition toward a healthy green lifestyle one step at a time. Chris Prelitz has been passionately committed to green living and sustainability for more than 25 years. He and his wife, Becky, share a green solar-powered home in Laguna Beach, California, which Chris designed and built. Most months they produce more energy than they use and receive a credit from their power company instead of a bill. In his writing, Chris shares personal experiences, lessons learned, and reflections that humorously touch the heart and inspire the spirit. The chapter on “Green Myth Busting” will sway even the most cynical person toward better eco-choices that will also save money. Chris sees “We are rediscovering that it is so much healthier, more lucrative financially, and better for every living thing to transition away from wasteful, polluting technologies and make choices that work in harmony with nature.” Green Made Easy is written in a friend-to-friend, conversational style and examines our daily lives from personal care and cosmetics to water catchment and solar systems. The book will delight and inspire any and all who dream of making a difference and who wish to create a thriving, healthy future for generations to come.


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