How I Quit Smoking in 1 Day... And How You Can Too! by Michael Atkins

How I Quit Smoking in 1 Day... And How You Can Too! by Michael Atkins from  in  category
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Author: Michael Atkins
Category: Motivation
ISBN: 6610000046003
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There are so many ways to quit smoking, so why choose this book over the rest? * This book stays focused on the truth (what really works) to help you quit smoking (and stay quit) the easy way. Other books and methods dont, they make it harder. * This is the only book that focuses solely on the most important area (the missing link) to help you quit smoking, and stay quit. That missing link is THE MINDSET. If you focus on just changing that, its much easier to quit smoking, and stay quit. But don’t worry, you won’t have to become a psychologist or spiritual guru to make it work. This book keeps the methods realistic, simple, and easy to apply. They dont rely on willpower either. * All other quit smoking books, methods, and aids (like nicotine replacement therapies) dont deal with the mindset. So you can easily start smoking again. * This book will open your eyes to a new, much easier way to help you quit smoking for life. I can guarantee you won’t find this information in other quit smoking books or methods... unless, they ripped this book off. * It can work for heavy and light smokers. And even, if youve tried and failed to quit smoking many times already. * This book simplifies methods to deal with your cravings, handle all the situations where you used to smoke, break those old habits for good. So, you will feel good about not smoking — instead of deprived. You can also use these same methods to avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking. * You really can quit smoking in 1 day with this book, even, with the nicotine factor taken into account. * This book simplifies the complex — it can save you a great deal of time, money, and effort over other books and methods. * This book doesn’t overload (and confuse) you with useless information, it gets to the point. It just tells you what you need to know, and nothing else — without repetition. It gives you the “needle in the haystack”. So you don’t waste hours reading, searching, and failing to quit for nothing.


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