A Good Girl Gone Bad by Kathleen Hope

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Author: Kathleen Hope
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781508058090
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Dont think, Scarlett,” he told her as he took a final step to cross the distance between them.  He waited for a moment, likely to see if shed retreat from him, but she stayed anchored in place. She didnt think she could will her legs to move right now if her life depended on it. She was so tired of being the good girl. This is what she wanted, wasnt it? Wild and wanton? But as his head came down toward hers and his arms wrapped around her body, she experienced a moment of panic. “What am I doing?” she thought incredulously. But then, Lucass lips were against hers as he kissed her gently, teasingly. Her body wanted more and she tried to force her logical brain into the background as she opened her mouth to him, welcoming him inside. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he accepted her welcome, his tongue delving in to meet hers.  “Dont think, Scarlett,” she reiterated Lucass statement silently. “Just do. You have an incredibly hot man pressed up against you...dont think,” she chanted.  For once, she didnt want to...


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