The Art of Wood Finishing by Nita Hubbert

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Author: Nita Hubbert
Category: Tots & Toddlers
ISBN: 9783943686326
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Wood finishing today is a commercial art. With the greater appreciation of interior decoration by the great middle classes has come the realisation that interior wood trim constitutes the frame of the picture, so to speak. Consequently the selection of color and texture of the finish for wood trim is being done with the same care that is exercised by the artist who chooses a frame for his painting.
The tendency to consider the wood finishing in homes and public buildings simply as one element of a decorative scheme, along with the several others, such as walls, floor, furniture, drapes, rugs and accessories, is a wholesome development which is making interiors truly beautiful.
The wood finisher, whether he be house painter and decorator, furniture worker or arts and crafts artisan, is confronted with an array of finishes calculated to confuse even the most experienced unless his working methods are based upon a sound knowledge of the most modern stains, fillers, varnishes and other materials. Then there has been a steady change in the kinds and grades of woods used for buildings, cabinets and furniture, calling for complete knowledge of the characteristics of present day woods.
And to make the wood finisher's task even more difficult the specifications by architects and customers change constantly to keep pace with styles in furniture and decorations of standard, period and novel designs. The wish is always for something new and different.
So the wood finisher must keep up with the procession in pursuit of style and vogue. Enjoy your ebook "The Art Of Wood Finishing"!


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