The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance

The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance





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Feng Shui, the study of arranging your environment to enhance your life, is all about happiness. And ultimately, what is happiness without the presence of romance? The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance is dedicated to bringing the allure of romance into your everyday life. In this book, bestselling author Terah Kathryn Collins transforms the meaning of romance from a fleeting fancy to an ongoing, deeply satisfying lifestyle. Based on more than 15 years of experience as a Feng Shui consultant and teacher, Terah explains how you can create a romantic life with all its inherent joys and pleasures by learning "the dance of heart and home." This groundbreaking work is for singles and couples alike. Whatever your relationship status, Terah gives you the knowledge and practical tools to master the elegant balance a romantic life requires. This book includes success stories; effective enhancements for key areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining areas; and Lifestyle and Home assessments that reveal imbalances and their remedies. Terah's meditation, accessible from the included audio download link, deepens your Feng Shui experience as she takes you on an inner journey through your ideal environment. Whether you wish to be swept off your feet by a lover, or to fully embrace the experience of being single, you can create a romantic life. It resides in the dance of heart and home, and you are the dancer!