The Beauty Quotient Formula by Robert Tornambe

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Author: Robert Tornambe
Category: Family & Health
ISBN: 9781401927974
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During his 25-year career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert M. Tornambe has seen many beautiful, yet insecure, women – of all ages – come to his office hoping to fundamentally alter their looks. Time after time, he wondered how these gorgeous women could doubt themselves. But more importantly, he wondered how he could show them that surgery wasn’t the only roadmap to looking and feeling great. That’s when he developed The Beauty Quotient Formula. This life-changing program begins with a self-administered quiz to determine a woman’s unique BQ score – the higher the better. The score identifies areas in which she can raise her Beauty Quotient through lifestyle changes, health awareness, confidence improvement, and a keen fashion sense. Following the BQ quiz are Dr. Tornambe’s beauty plans. Covering everything from dealing with social anxiety to firming up your body, these put her in control of her beauty – all without surgery! In addition to his insight into long-term improvement goals, Dr. Tornambe includes a quick makeover section that will help her prepare for any event, whether it’s in four days or four weeks. The Beauty Quotient Formula helps women transform how they see themselves and provides a no-fail method for looking and feeling more beautiful – no matter what their age!


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