The Nerd Can Fight by Michelle J.

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Author: Michelle J.
Category: Romance
ISBN: 9786020956404
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Cassandra was never seen as what she truly was. A fighter. Others would never have pegged her as a known street fighter because of her usual attire and how she would let herself get bullied. No one would spare their time just to get to know her further. No one but Adam Jones. Adam was the new kid in town, moving in for a new start. However, that didnt turn out so well. That was, until Cassandra strolled in. She carried a baggage with her, like every other people does but what will happen when more trouble comes knocking at her door? She was barely holding it together. At first, she was fighting for herself. But soon, it wasnt just for her. Now, it was for a family. For Adams family.


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