I am Whale by Sohana Maharaj

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Title: I am Whale
Author: Sohana Maharaj
Category: Lifestyle
ISBN: 9780992311513
File Size: 9.51 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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“I am Noa, son of the earth, moon and sun. I was born at the edge of a splendid rainbow on a beautiful spring morning in the warm, caressing eastern waters that surround a small rock of pine trees…” “I am the pride and joy of my forefathers. I have conquered the length and breadth of the rich seas of the world and have traced every route paved by my ancestors. I have visited the mythological waterscapes of their migration routes and have marvelled nostalgically at the stories told of their migratory adventures of yesteryear. I am a pioneer of their efforts and forge new liquid ground every whale year, discovering unknown treasures of the wind swept seas…” “I am the cornerstone of all existence. All life springs forth from the rich and fertile waters of the deep ocean that churns under my sentry…” I am Whale is a narration by a humpback whale called Noa who relates his experiences during his many travels across the oceans. It’s about one mighty whale’s struggle to find where he belongs and to protect his legacy.


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