Return to the Wild Frontier - The Sequel to Sherlock Holmes on the Wild Frontier by Magda Jozsa

Return to the Wild Frontier - The Sequel to Sherlock Holmes on the Wild Frontier by Magda Jozsa from  in  category
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Author: Magda Jozsa
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781483525365
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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This is the sequel to Sherlock Holmes on the Wild Frontier. This book takes up the story 14 years later. When Keehoe (A trapper Holmes met and admired in the first book) finds gold and strikes it rich, he doesn’t hesitate to enlist Holmes’ aid to find his daughter who lives in England and bring her to meet him in America. Hilda Keehoe is less than personable and Holmes has little tolerance for her, even the easy going Watson is irritated. They escort her to Phoenix, Arizona only to find Keehoe has been murdered. Holmes swears to avenge his death, and to flush the killers out agrees to find the gold mine Keehoe left to his daughter. Much to Holmes disgust Hilda insists on coming with them. Not out of loyalty to the father she never knew, but out of greed. Once again Magda Jozsa brings a great deal of humour to this story while showing a reverence to the old west and the people that inhabit it. I guarantee there is no romance for Holmes in this one, although Watson’s heart starts fluttering when Hilda hires a young widow to be her maid. Holmes is a little put out at the thought of 2 women travelling with them, but when Watson points out that he will no longer have to deal directly with Hilda, he’s all for it. Watson saves the life of a half breed Indian boy named Spotted Deer, who also joins them on their trek with more admirable motives than Hilda. Watson bonds with the boy, little realizing at first just how strong a connection he has with him.


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