Just Hit The Damn Ball! - How To Stop Thinking and Play Your Best Golf by Dave Johnston

Just Hit The Damn Ball! - How To Stop Thinking and Play Your Best Golf by Dave Johnston from  in  category
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Author: Dave Johnston
Category: Sports & Hobbies
ISBN: 9781310152658
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Just Hit The Damn Ball! is a practical guide to help golfers at every skill level move beyond swing mechanics and develop their natural ability. Every golfer has experienced the indescribable feeling of a perfect shot. How much would your game improve if you knew the recipe to help you re-create that shot? Helping you discover the formula is the fundamental goal of this book. Your golf game is a by-product of habitual ways of thinking and acting. Over time, these patterns define our comfort levels. We run these rituals automatically; they remain outside our conscious awareness - until they are interrupted. How do you feel when your favourite parking space is occupied or your well-trained Starbucks barista has been replaced? Habits are essential to help us navigate smoothly through our day, but they can create an invisible barrier, commonly referred to as the glass ceiling. A conscious awareness of your habits is the first step to shattering the mental boundaries and unlock the vault to constant improvement. This book uses basic principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as an alternative to traditional instruction methods, based on fault-finding and error correction. The basic premise is, that our obsession with technical perfection is the greatest barrier to improvement – especially for the mid to high handicap golfer. The majority of golfers do not have the time, resources or dedication to hit thousands of balls under constant supervision, but you can learn to develop the habit of reinforcing the memory of your best shots. Developing this skill is the starting point, to shattering the glass ceiling and playing better than you ever thought possible!


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