One Fine Day by RodieR

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Title: One Fine Day
Author: RodieR
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 978-967-0851-90-7
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Just when Zahra thinks her world crumbles, she meets Aryan. Fascinated with each other, he brings her out of misery into his own understanding of love… and happiness. And so with him, she finds happiness again. It doesn’t last long, though because again she is tested with difficulty. Love isn’t always patient. Sometimes we get short, brusque, or frustrated with the people we love the most. Love is, however, doing our best to see the people we care about with compassion and understanding. This is the story of Zahra and Aryan, one about love, pain and happiness regained. For there will be a relief with every difficulty, will they be able to withstand the test of time?


One Fine Day
by Rasyidah binti Ahmad Tajudin on April 04, 2020

A great story

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