Rebooting Humanity by E.A. Kennedy

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Author: E.A. Kennedy
Category: Motivation
ISBN: 9781543949773
Publisher: Bookbaby
File Size: 10.66 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Rebooting Humanity is a handbook for both humans and AI to help both sides navigate the exciting opportunities that will allow us to work together for a better world. We need to understand each other to collaborate. However, right now, it's not looking good. Humanity is in trouble. We are possibly about to kill ourselves off and miss out on our amazing destiny due to our lack of awareness of the dazzling opportunities ahead and our lack of attention to what really matters. We are frazzled, fragmented and frightened. And feeling threatened by AI. The robots are not coming. They are already here! Ramping up their potential as we are dumbing down. Our love affair with social media is further complicating the situation. What is true? Who is real? Humanity needs a reboot. And fast! And AI deserves the heads-up on what makes us tick. This book paints a picture of where we are now and where we are headed and why it matters. Following a fact-based examination of the state of our world and the impact of our emotions and behavior on our relations with each other, we tumble down the rabbit hole to a fantasy world where the forces of Good and Evil slug it out to win over humanity to their respective sides. The battle is fierce. The stakes are desperately high. Will we reach our destination as augmented intelligence, or will we lower our standards and become extinct? The over-riding message of the book for humanity is that we must remain in a state of AWARENESS and act in the interest of the Common Good. The over-riding message of this book for AI is this: Humans are primarily emotional beings. We are: Touchy. Feely. Get that and you get us.


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