The Author’s Gold Rush: How to Harvest a Bountiful Crop Repeatedly

The Author’s Gold Rush: How to Harvest a Bountiful Crop Repeatedly

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In book one of this trilogy, The Author’s Money Tree, you learned how to plant, grow, and harvest a bountiful readership. Book two, The Author’s Gold Rush, is a simple business system that can be repeated daily. You can use it to harvest that same crop again and again with ease. Information is Your Gold Rush As we discussed earlier, you could be in any room chatting with your family members, friends, or business colleagues. It doesn’t matter where it is or who you’re with. At some point during the conversation, a question of some sort almost always arises; what’s the first thing everyone does? You each pull out your smartphone, iPad, or tablet and open the web browser to search for an answer to that question. We all have instant access to timely information at our fingertips now, and we’re all constantly accessing it. People are looking for your information online, all over the world. Non-fiction authors and subject matter experts (SMEs) need only share that same information with a growing number of readers. Hook them by offering them something of value that makes them want more, and they’ll be your fan for life. I’ll show you how two authors are growing their readerships by directing new traffic to their backlist books. Entertainment is Your Gold Rush This system can work just as well for authors of fiction and poetry as it does for SMEs. Why? Because people are constantly searching for sources of entertainment, inspiration, and tribute online, too. The world is filled with voracious readers looking for a great book series to escape with in their spare time. There are just as many others looking for the perfect poem to eulogize a loved one or motivate a team. But what good is any of this if no one can find it? Perhaps, this is your current predicament. Maybe you’ve already written and published a few books online that aren’t getting any traction whatsoever. You’re lost like a needle in a haystack. This system will ensure new readers are consistently finding all your books and your blog. It will help you grow your readership and subscriber base even larger, even faster—like adding lighter fluid to the fire you started in book one. Relationships are Your Gold Rush What you do with the readers who find you is the most important step of them all. When you personalize their experience with you and your books, they’ll be your followers for life. I’ll show you how one of today’s top independent authors continues to harvest the same crop of fans again and again by using them as beta readers to help him improve upcoming book launches. To build a lasting relationship with anyone, you must first build the trust between you. When they see you as an authority on the answers or entertainment they seek online, they’ll begin to follow you. When they see you as a person they can relate to who truly cares about them as a subscriber and fan, they’ll begin to view you as a trusted friend. How you think about them while you're writing for them will make a world of difference to your results.