The Art Of Making Time For Yourself - A Collection Of Advice For Moms by Christina Katz

The Art Of Making Time For Yourself - A Collection Of Advice For Moms by Christina Katz from  in  category
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Author: Christina Katz
Category: Family & Health
ISBN: 9780989516921
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Isn’t it selfish to make time for you? Nope. Actually, it’s selfish to abandon yourself for the sake of others. And habitual self-abandonment can make formerly content, competent moms feel resentful, discouraged, and chronically unhappy. So don’t deprive others of getting to know and love your calmest, happiest, most integrated self. Making time for you is crucial for every mom trying to navigate the complex and constantly evolving role of mother. And because no two moms are exactly alike, The Art Of Making Time For Yourself presents multiple approaches to finding more time for you. If you are struggling to juggle all of your responsibilities and identities as a mom, this collection of helpful inspiration will help you factor yourself back into the happy family equation. Moms who read this book will gain: • 145 tips for creating more you-time • 16 must-have books to inspire self-care • 50 recommended movies featuring a momcentric point of view • 60 self-reflection questions • Lists for stocking your home spa and portable hobby bag • A variety of approaches for making the most of your time, no matter how much time you have Reclaim your personal power and create more day-to-day happiness and satisfaction without neglecting your responsibilities as a parent. This book fulfills a longtime dream of mine to create a definitive guide about making time for yourself after fourteen years of writing on the topic. This book makes a great gift for a mom-to-be or a new mom, for a mom who is choosing to stay home with her kids, or for a mom who is trying to juggle work and home life, for a WAHM, and even for a veteran mom with kids in school or leaving the nest. Thanks for telling all your mom friends about The Art Of Making Time For Yourself. Let’s start a movement of cheerful, relaxed moms who can express ourselves our individuality clearly and joyfully!


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