The Suffering Genius by Ciprian Pater

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Author: Ciprian Pater
ISBN: 978-1705596128
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The content of this book aims to serve as a remembrance for the young generations, those which society is currently failing in its accountability, to educate and tender for objectively, towards the relief of their myriads of mental health struggles. It provides a series of short biographical accounts of past geniuses and other influential personas. It may serve as a guiding light, exemplifying how few individuals through chance of circumstances, within their agency of conscious efforts and despite various suffering conditions, contributed to the collective advancements of our identification as mankind, the caretakers of truth and reality. The legacy of these pioneers and trail blazers, should strengthen and comfort the mind and soul of anyone living within the pain of delusion of their personal shortcomings, which society justifies by inhibiting their freedom and right for an authentic personality. Ciprian Pater is an avid student of political science and social studies, he emphasises science, epistemology and philosophy of mind as being fundamental to his inquiry into a metaphysical and transcendental universal theory of everything. Ciprian is a Swedish citizen, born in Romania currently living in Norway.


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