Secrets on the Lake by Delia Dibble

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Author: Delia Dibble
Category: Romance
ISBN: 978-1-925908-98-5
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Secrets on the Lake is the poignant story of the struggles and successes of two remarkable sisters, Laura and Libby. Defying all odds the girls grow up battling their way through life with the support and love of their grandmother, who rescued them from their alcohol and drug addicted parents and instilled in them the values and character to overcome adversity and look beyond their world. Laura, the older sister, the main protagonist of this novel, pursues her dream of becoming an international lawyer working for the United Nations. Her relentless fight for justice and the elimination of poverty is heart fully inspired by her own troubled childhood. With origins in Louisiana encapsulating the romance of Portugal and the power of New York, this is an intriguing story of hardship, family bonds & challenges, heartbreak, and ultimately a celebration of the human spirit which will capture your imagination and renew your faith in love and in humanity.


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