Counselling Older Adults

Counselling Older Adults

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In Counselling Older Adults, leading gerontologist Dr Helen Ko provides a comprehensive overview of the issues in later years, and presents an evidence-based, indigenous model for counselling older persons. Dr Ko draws on her extensive counselling work with older persons, her vast experience training thousands of professionals and older adults, as well as her research on ageing, to offer readers multifarious insights into the principles, practical strategies and framework for counselling seniors. She advances an Asian perspective of gerontological counselling that is set in the socio-cultural, economic and political environments of Asia, in particular, the Singaporean society. Counselling Older Adults, now in its second edition, seeks to engender in healthcare and social service professionals and caregivers a deeper understanding of older persons, so as to counsel them more effectively. In addition, this easy-to-read book provides managers and supervisors of older workers with numerous useful tips for daily applications. Finally, it will inspire older adults to age with grace and dignity.