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Holistic Weight Loss




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This is a healthy weight loss book that will teach you about building habits for both the mind and the body.

When it comes to weight loss, many of us tend to be guilty of many different so-called “sins” that we commit in an attempt to shed off the pounds as quickly as possible. However, this urgent mindset actually causes more harm than good. Think back to all the fad diets you’ve tried before; all those detox teas, various shakes and drinks, as well as magic pills that promised plenty but delivered little to none. In many cases, you ended up gaining all the weight you’ve lost.

The big question is WHY? Why do you keep failing and why do you keep gaining back the lost weight?

The answer is simple: It’s because of your approach towards weight loss. In wanting to quickly lose weight in time for a vacation or a family holiday, you forego considering the bigger picture.

You’re only thinking about the numbers without giving much thought to your health on a more holistic level. The fact is, the most effective weight loss often comes as a natural result of lifestyle changes and bettering your overall relationship with food.

What You Will Learn

A FLUFF-FREE guide that will teach you misconceptions and myths about nutrition that you may have picked up throughout your own diet journey. You will be provided with ample information to help you move forward and progress when it comes to your weight loss goals.

You will learn more about the mental side of weight loss—how our habits and mindset influence our weight loss journey. You will learn how losing weight isn’t just a matter of restricting your food intake or incorporating more physical activity. It is also about becoming more disciplined, developing better habits, and setting up systems that support your goals.

You will learn different concepts from Eastern alternative medicine, which includes TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. Through this course, you will learn how to reconcile those concepts with ones from western nutrition. The idea is that our mind and thoughts are both important towards our overall well-being and weight loss. This is something that most diet programs don’t even discuss. For example, were you aware that each time you get angry, you are also hurting your liver? Simple as that may seem, it can have multiple health-related side effects that you must be mindful of.