Murder on the 21st Street

Murder on the 21st Street

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MURDER ON THE 21st STREET (Murder Mystery)

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As the couple wandered further, the young man noticed an abandoned alley. Perfect, he thought to himself with a mischievous grin. Without warning, he shoved his girlfriend in.

"JIGGERS!" she screamed, stumbling. Before she could scream any further, her leg hit a table.

The couple started making out. Soon they realized they were not alone.

As she pulled him closer, something blue caught her eye. She noticed a bloody hand and froze. Alice, caught in a sort of trance, walked closer to the hand. As she did, she noticed the blue thing from before was covered by a few cardboard boxes. Curiosity getting the better of her, she lifted one of the boxes. All that was heard afterward was screaming.

Dylan Meyers had just finished up his recent murder investigation. Little did he know that soon he will find himself engrossed within another murder investigation, which in itself has layers within layers to it.

The book is filled with a complete package of mystery suspense and thrill within it. A complete mystery suspense book

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