Mie & You by Shai Kamarudin

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Title: Mie & You
Author: Shai Kamarudin
ISBN: 9789671831403
File Size: 4.38 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Cerita tentang DUA insan, dalam DWIbahasa, dan DUA pengakhiran berbeza. Ini kisah Mie & You. Mereka bermula sebagai lawan, sebelum menjadi kawan. Kemudian seorang jatuh cinta, tapi seorang lagi pula "buta". Bila seorang memilih untuk pergi, apa akan berlaku pada yang satu lagi? Here's the story of Mie & You; former foes turned friends. What happens when one falls in love, and the other is too clueless to notice? And when one chooses to leave, will the other find their way back to where it used to be? And will the pandemic change things? This is the story of TWO people, in DUAL languages, and DOUBLE endings.


I Love You. I Love You. I Love You.
by Yaya Mokhtar on September 05, 2020

Best gila!!! Thank you for making my day my favorite writer.

mie & you
by Farah Hazwani on September 11, 2020

i love it. both endings.

mie & you
by farradilla on September 20, 2020

love it!

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