Positive Parenting Book by Dorothy Howard

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Author: Dorothy Howard
Category: Family & Health
ISBN: 9781456611842
Publisher: eBookIt.com
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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This is an in-depth book about the different trials and tribulations that each parent can encounter as they raise their children. Youíve probably encountered this situation before: You sit down to eat dinner and suddenly one of your lovely little darlings decides to throw a meatball at one of their siblings. Youíve also probably taken one of your kids to the supermarket and gotten as far as the cereal aisle when your precious little bundle of joy starts to have a meltdown. The worst part is that it is because you wonít buy Frosted Fruity Flakes just so that she can have the little toy inside. Well, what this book does is show you many different techniques in which you can curb this kind of behavior before it even begins. We will also go through various parenting techniques to help your children eat well and teach them valuable lifelong lessons that will help your child succeed in the future. So come on, and weíll show you everything that we have discovered to help you in raising kids that will be well rounded adults.


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