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Uncover the miracles of "Sacred Tears" in this engaging tale. The story begins in London during the summer of 1993 and Dean decides to take a coffee break from writing his novel. While he was sitting in a restaurant, a stunningly beautiful lady walked in, wrapped in a vivid white shroud of light. Dean found himself longing to engage in conversation with her so he could ask her out, but then he noticed a wedding ring on her finger, so he had to fight back his emotions. One day they happened to meet by chance and as they got to know each other and the years went by, their love for each other developed into a warm, cherished, tender, miraculous love but then something tragic happened; Emma was knocked down by a hit-and-run-driver and left seriously ill. Will she remember Dean? Years later while enjoying every moment they had together, they couldn't resist having a passionate day of intense pleasure. Dean decided to try his luck with the Euro-Millions lottery and won millions of pounds, leaving Emma worried that Dean would leave her. But then something tragic happened; Dean was stabbed and Emma was unsure if he would live. Had she lost her beloved, forever? Would her "Sacred Tears" work a miracle for them?