Learn Malay: 200 Sentences in 200 Days by Tina Amir

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Author: Tina Amir
ISBN: e9789671474426
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Tina Amir is a known teaching Malay youtube channel that has helped thousands of language students to learn Malay in a short period of time. With over 600 free Malay lessons online, and the right technique to master the language, Tina Amir managed to help the quality of life of the students in terms of seeking better jobs, move to higher positions, improve the relationships and dealing with daily situations in a Malay speaking country. With her lessons, you are not only learning the language, but the culture as well which is a very important aspect of study. 200 Sentences in 200 Days ebook is written and published to help the busy students who are having hard time to juggle between study and work. You will be surprised when you study with this book, you will master the Malay language even you are struggling with the time constraint. The sentences that you are going to learn are common examples and very useful to engage in daily conversation. Every sentences have explanations of the meanings including the cultural aspect. The locals will be impressed with your fluency and your general knowledge of culture here. You will be proud of yourself and you will not believe that you are able to master a foreign language in just a short time! YouTube Tina Amir: https://www.youtube.com/tinaamir


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