Blogging by Million , Earn By Millions by Laura Maya

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Author: Laura Maya
ISBN: 9781609849856
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Blogging By Million, Earn By Millions addresses key topics such as understanding financial planning, writing a business plan, and the provision of expenditure for setting up a Business. The author says that, these are the biggest obstacles for the young entrepreneurs. But the book also tackles critical areas that other business books seldom addresses. The book also offers a wide range of useful resource tips and how-to information and advices which is of interest to anyone looking to start earning Money Online. It covers most details from blogging to social networking, emailing and tracking of keywords to search engine optimization, and offers enterprising recommendations which can be put into practice for success. This Book provides you tools and resources to implement an online money making program, a chance to try out your new Ideas. You do not need a Lot of Money to implement this program; you need commitment and the desire to succeed and a strong determination will and be foc


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