Quicklet on Castle Season 2 by Nicole Silvester

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ABOUT THE BOOK Richard Castle is a mystery writer who has developed writers block after killing off his main character. When a copycat killer starts murdering people based on Castles books, he is investigated by NYPD Detective Kate Beckett. Beckett happens to be smart and beautiful, as well as a good cop, so Castle is intrigued by her, and comes up with an idea for a new series of novels about a character based on her. Initially, Beckett is not receptive to Castles request to shadow her so he can give his books more realism, even though she is secretly a fan and has read all his previous books. It takes Castles use of some high-placed connections, including the mayor of New York, to get permission, but he finally joins the team. MEET THE AUTHOR Nicole has been writing since she could make letters with a pencil, and has been making a living at it for more than ten years. She has gone back to school too many times, studying archaeology, folklore, writing and visual art. She writes fiction under several pen names, and also does printmaking, book arts, and photography. She's an avid amateur natural historian with a particular fascination for things that fly, whether it's birds, bats or insects. And if it's possible to be both a luddite, with a love for the low-tech, and a technophile, with a fascination for everything new and shiny, Nicole is both. She reads too many books, plays too many video games, and watches too much anime. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Where season one was an introduction to the characters and their unusual partnership, season two delves more deeply into their interactions and relationships. Castle is still, in many ways, a murder-of-the-week show, or a police procedural, in which the focus is on solving a murder, but it also has more depth. At the end of season one, Castle and Beckett were estranged because Castle interfered too much in trying to help Beckett with the mystery of her mothers murder. So as season two begins, the first thing he has to do is reconcile with her. At first Beckett doesnt want him around at all, but a murder investigation brings them together and she decides to allow him to help as long as he agrees to leave her alone afterward. But the time the investigation has concluded, Beckett has to admit that she enjoys having Castle around. CHAPTER OUTLINE Quicklet on Castle Season 2 + About Castle + Andrew W. Marlowe, Castle's Creator + Castle: A Summary of Season Two + Castle: Season Two Episode Guide + ...and much more Castle Season 2


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