Biography of Charles Dickens by Davanna Cimino

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Author: Davanna Cimino
ISBN: 9781614647102
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ABOUT THE BOOK 2012 is a year of celebration -- festivals, readings, theatrical shows, films, seminars, tours -- all in honor of the great and inimitable Charles Dickens, on his 200th birthday. Dickens, one of the most celebrated authors in English-language history, was wildly popular even during the course of his own life. Known as a prolific and important artist, unceasingly productive, Dickens wrote, edited, toured, lectured, and acted -- sometimes even in productions of his own plays. In total, Dickens composed twenty-four novels, plays, books of poetry, and works of nonfiction. He founded, wrote for, and edited the weekly journal Household Words and in a series of wildly popular readings of his works, toured Great Britain, Ireland, and America. Dickens began his career as a reporter in the press gallery of the House of Commons, and ended it as the preeminent man of letters of his time. MEET THE AUTHOR Davanna has a life-long love of literature. She is a copy editor and copywriter, writes fiction and poetry, and has a law degree. She lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She has three sons, and a Brittany named Jubal. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Charles Dickens married Catherine Hogarth in April of 1836. Their marriage coincided with Dickens' rapid rise as a famous writer. Their first son was born in January of 1837 and around this time, Dickens first conceived the germ of the idea for "Oliver Twist". In May of 1837, while living with Charles and Catherine at their new home in Doughty Street, Dickens' sister-in-law, Mary Hogarth collapsed, and died shortly after. Dickens was completely grief stricken. According to many commentators and biographers of Dickens, Mary's inspiration was central to many of his female characters -- particularly those of a saintly, or pure persona. He revisits her death in "The Old Curiosity Shop" in the death of Little Nell. According to Peter Ackroyd, Dickens wrote that the writing of Little Nell's death "...casts the most horrible shadow upon me, and it is as much as I can do to keep moving at all." (Ackroyd, 318) CHAPTER OUTLINE Biography of Charles Dickens + Introduction + Childhood + Professional Beginnings + Charles and Catherine + ...and much more


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