Essential Tips for Beauty Sleep

Essential Tips for Beauty Sleep




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ABOUT THE BOOK No matter how many creams, lotions, elixirs and balms you buy in the hopes of restoring a youthful glow and looking your very best, there is one tool that you have always had at your disposal, even if you are not quite sure how to use it. Sleep is, without a doubt, one of the most invigorating and revitalizing things you can do for your skin and your overall appearance. Even though you might feel you have plenty of practice at sleeping, it is not quite as simple as you think to use sleep in your advantage. Maybe you are one of the lucky people who has naturally perfect sleep habits, but for many others, it takes some conscious effort to work towards the most relaxing and invigorating beauty sleep possible. Fortunately, anyone can harness the renewing power of sleep, and usually without much cost or sacrifice. All it takes is rethinking your sleep habits and making sure you are building healthy sleep habits that will have you waking up looking refreshed and feeling beautiful. Beauty sleep is much more than just a myth. In a Swedish study, scientists decided to test whether or not people really appear more attractive after a full night's sleep. They studied 23 men and women, wearing no makeup and photographed under the same lighting. In the pictures where the subjects had enjoyed a normal night's sleep, they appeared healthier and more physically attractive than after controlled sleep deprivation. After the sleep deprivation, the subjects appeared less attractive overall and looked more tired and unhealthy. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK A large part of getting a sound night's sleep is getting your body in the habit of preparing for bed and unwinding from the day. About four to six hours before you usually fall asleep, it is a good idea to avoid alcohol, caffeine or foods that are heavy, spicy or sugary. If your typical bedtime is 10:30 p.m., make sure that by 6:30 p.m. you only eat light foods that are healthy and flavorful, but not too filling. Eating heavy, fatty, spicy or overly sweet foods before bedtime can make it difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Cut down on drinking alcohol before bed, since, despite its immediate result of drowsiness, alcohol usually means having trouble staying asleep after you are in bed. Drinking soda or coffee near bedtime will stimulate you and keep you from resting as peacefully and deeply as you should. Look for other little personalized gestures that help you calm down, unwind and de-stress. Limit electronic usage, such as TV-watching or browsing online. Instead try a good book, yoga, a cup of hot caffeine-free tea, a relaxing chat with your partner or a board game with the family. Find something relaxing that helps you get in a positive mindset. Try to stick to the ritual every night, until you can use it to signal to your body that you are getting ready to sleep... Buy a copy to keep reading! CHAPTER OUTLINE Essential Tips for Beauty Sleep + Introduction + How to Get Your Beauty Sleep + Common Mistakes and Easy Ways to Avoid Them + Useful Secrets, Tips and Tricks for Better Sleep + ...and much more