What to Expect When Adopting by Steven Needham

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Author: Steven Needham
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781614647416
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ABOUT THE BOOK People choose to adopt a child for many different reasons. Whether you are unable to have biological children, or you want to add to the family that you already have, adoption can be an extremely rewarding experience. There are many factors to consider when you are deciding whether adoption is right for you. It is important to first examine your financial resources, your career path and your personal relationships before you choose to adopt a child. Adopting a child is one of the most generous things that you can do, but it is a process that also comes with many challenges and frustrations. If youve assessed your situation and decided to pursue an adoption, there are several different paths that you can take. You can use a qualified adoption agency in the United States to adopt a child. You may also want to consider options such as foster care adoptions, or conducting an independent adoption with the help of an attorney. International adoptions also provide a range of possibilities for prospective adoptive parents. It is vital that before you begin your journey with adoption, you understand the risks and benefits associated with the different types of adoptions before you decide the path that is best for your family. Adopting a child can be a long and expensive process that can also have serious emotional and psychological implications. Above all else, adopting a child is about giving love and opportunity to a child in need. Be sure to talk to all of the members of your family before deciding on adoption in order to understand any fears or concerns they may have about the process. The process of adopting a child can be frustrating, so it is important to learn as much as possible before you embark on this journey. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK According to AdoptiveFamilies.com, "Things are different now in the child welfare system - and that's good news for both kids and parents. 'It used to be that you had to be a foster parent first in order to adopt, but that's changed, ' says Rita Soronen, executive director for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. 'People can now state upfront that they want to be considered for adoption only." That makes for a quicker process, with fewer broken hearts along the way.'" The main goal of the Foster Care system is to return children to their biological parents whenever possible. However, approximately thirty percent of the children in Foster Care are not able to return to their homes, and these children need to be adopted. Currently, of the 425,000 children in foster care in the United States, about 115,000 of them are eligible for adoption... Buy a copy to keep reading! CHAPTER OUTLINE Modern Lifestyles: What to Expect When Adopting + Introduction + Types of Adoptions + Common Mistakes to Avoid + Tips and Tricks + ...and much more


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