Quicklet on Criminal Minds Season 6 (CliffNotes-like Summary, Analysis, and Review) by Charles Limley

Quicklet on Criminal Minds Season 6 (CliffNotes-like Summary, Analysis, and Review) by Charles Limley from  in  category
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Author: Charles Limley
Category: Teen Novel
ISBN: 9781614642053
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Quicklets: Your Reading Sidekick! ABOUT THE SHOW Criminal Minds Season 6 aired on CBS, and ran from September 22, 2010 until May 18, 2011. The show follows an elite team of FBI criminal investigators, known as the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), as its members travel the country working to solve grisly murder mysteries and arrest the serial killers responsible for them. During its 2005 premier season, Criminal Minds was the newest iteration of crime scene investigation TV programs, competing with such shows as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Crossing, Law & Order: SUV,and Medium, many of which were also broadcast on CBS. Given this context, Criminal Minds has consistently focused on setting itself apart from the crowd. To accomplish this, the show has regularly relied on both its cast of actors and its focus on psychological profiling. In Season 6, Criminal Minds continues building upon and further solidifies its reputation as a leader in the crime scene investigation genre. Some of the most common critiques of Criminal Minds argue that the show relies too much on tired cliches and boring stereotypes. Television critic David Zurawik has summarized the show by writing simply: Big talent meets weak script and every TV crime cliche known to prime time (Metacritic, Criminal Minds). While there are certainly moments throughout Season 6 in which this critique may be true, Criminal Minds has managed to pull together a strong team of actors and actresses whose engaging and convincing performances successfully keep the show exciting. MEET THE AUTHOR Charles Limley is a native of Colorado. After earning bachelors degrees in both English Literature and Humanities from the University of ColoradoBoulder, he entered the world of professional writing. He began his work with Hyperink during the fall of 2011. In addition to writing, Limley is an avid reader. He also loves bicycles, and has completed several long-distance bicycle tours. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Season 6 of Criminal Minds begins with the gripping conclusion of Season 5s unresolved cliffhanger finale. Agent Morgan is trapped, after being tied to a bed and forced to witness the murder of a local Los Angeles detective and the abduction of the detectives young daughter. The BAU must work quickly to locate Morgan and rescue the missing girl before the prolific serial killer known as The Prince of Darkness inflicts any further violence. Eventually, the team successfully stops the killer and is able to move on to investigating other unsolved criminal cases. As Season 6 unfolds, the BAU copes with several personnel changes. Agent Jareau leaves the team after Episode 2, and only makes short appearances in two later episodes. Following JJs departure, the BAU is joined by FBI cadet Ashley Seaver. She helps the team with its investigation during Episode 10, and becomes a regular character for the second half of the season. Finally, Agent Prentiss leaves the team following a particularly personal and brutal investigation in Episode 18. Buy a copy to keep reading! CHAPTER OUTLINE Quicklet on Criminal Minds Season 6 (TV Show) + Criminal Minds Season 6: Pulling Away From The Crowd + About The Directors & Producers + Character List + The Changing Faces Of Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode-by-Episode Commentary & Summary + Episode 1: "The Longest Night" + Episode 2: "JJ" + Episode 3: "Remembrance Of Things Past" + Episode 4: "Compromising Positions" + ...and much more


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