Leading for Good by Theresa C. K. Goh

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The quest to galvanise the collective strength and imagination of leaders across the four major sectors – public, for-profit, non-profit and people – has never been more urgent. Against a myriad of unprecedented challenges brought about by multi-dimensional threats such as economic inequality, climate change and global health crises – the Covid-19 pandemic being the most recent – how can leaders work collaboratively to flourish together?   


Through the B.L.I.S.S. framework that undergirds Leading for Good, author and leadership advocate Theresa C. K. Goh aspires to guide and inspire leaders to become a better leader, and a better person, so they may kindle a better organisation, and a better society. Drawing from her 25 years of experience leading organisations and working with top leaders, she has perceptively distilled a rich reservoir of insights into a book that presents thought-provoking questions and useful guideposts to what makes a good director and leader. Described as “deeply grounded, refreshingly insightful and profoundly challenging”, Leading for Good hopes to engender transformation, vision and imagination in every reader’s leadership journey.


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