The Six-Figure Server

The Six-Figure Server

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Smart, funny, and straight to the point, The Six-Figure Server is a primer on how to get out of the weeds, tap into a six-figure headspace, skyrocket your service skills, and make YOU the server everyone asks for by name.

A $25K server treats their work like a gig; a $100K server treats it like a great job.

After hustling for years at a packed turn-and-burn beachside restaurant in a popular tourist town, I took a good, hard look at my serving skills and faced the truth: I wasn’t great at my job. Worse, by always angling to be the first cut and skipping tables to extend my breaks, I had left thousands of dollars on the table every year. That realization led to a six-figure transformation to my serving career. And now I’m sharing the strategies, tools, and mindset you can use to embark on your own six-figure path—all while keeping your body, mind, and soul intact (and paying your taxes on time).

Drawing from my decades in the business, I offer a fun, fresh, and occasionally unconventional collection of tricks, tips, and techniques for tapping into your six-figure potential and making way more money than you are now. I’ll show you how to:

● Work out exactly what you need to do to earn $100K this year.
● Work out exactly what you need to do to earn $100K this year.
● Make sure your guests walk away feeling impressed (and happy to leave a 30% tip).
● Become valuable as f*ck to your boss, your coworkers, and everyone else on the team.
● Get the shifts you want by taking the shifts you think you don’t want.
● Upsell your tables without feeling like you’re selling your soul.
● Take advantage of seasonal shifts, gamedays, and holidays—including giving up everyone’s favorite date night to earn an extra $900.

If you’re ready to level up, become the MVP of your staff, and add a zero or two to your income, The Six-Figure Server will show you the way.