How to Decorate Your House for Spring by Ellisha Mendez

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Author: Ellisha Mendez
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781614648420
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ABOUT THE BOOK When the cold snow and ice begin to melt away from the streets, yards and sidewalks, the birds begin to chirp and the sun begins to shine, it means Spring it on the way. For many people, these signs mean it's time to start decorating their homes and yards for the season of growth and renewal. All you need to decorate your home for the Spring season is appropriate decorations, motivation, and a desire to learn a few new skills. When you are preparing to decorate, consider the size of your home, your color and style preferences, and which elements of Spring make you the happiest. Decide if you want to decorate your entire home or just one or two rooms, and figure out whether you want the Spring theme to make a large impact on your home, or simply make its presence known with simple designs and details. Common Spring decorations include butterflies, flowers, birds, and pastel colors. Many types of Spring decorations can be purchased from department stores or home decor stores. If rustic or antique decorations are to your taste, you can often find them at flea markets, yard sales and antique stores. Spring decorations can also be purchased online from many specialty stores, craft stores, and boutiques. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Focal Points Every room needs a focal point. The focal point of a room is the first thing you see when you enter the room or home. It should be large enough to grab the viewer's attention and prepare them for the theme of the room. For example, if you have chosen to decorate your bedroom in butterflies, you may want to make your focal point a large butterfly painting or print. The focal point should be near the center or largest part of the room. While the focal point should compliment the colors and patterns in the room, it should not match them exactly. If the room is a soft, pastel pink color, choose a focal point in a bright pink or a another pastel shade such as blue or purple. This will prevent one color from overwhelming the room and make the room seem more organized and larger. Keep the filters of the pool clean on a daily basis. Not doing so can clog the pool with unwanted debris and cause it to work harder and drawing on more electricity... Buy a copy to keep reading!


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