The Hat Trick Murders by John A. MacEachern

The Hat Trick Murders  by John A. MacEachern from  in  category
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ISBN: 9781618428240
Publisher: Bookbaby
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When a future NHL Hockey Star is charged with the murder of three Cornell students, Jack Souster will stop at nothing to prove his best friend’s innocence. But when Jack’s own life is endangered he discovers himself the loathed target of a New York City crime family, a powerhouse financial corporation, and possibly the leader of the largest country in the free world. With his own life on the line, Jack must now uncover the shocking truth behind the murders, and rally the spirit of a nation to save his friend from death row. Set in 1965, The Hat Trick Murders is a gripping tale of political corruption, courtroom drama and ultimately, the value of friendship. This frenetic border-jumping romp of a mystery breeds uncertainty on every page, only leaving you sure of one thing: trust no one.


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