Getaway Bay

Getaway Bay

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He never dates the same woman twice. She's his driver. When Esther gives Marshall a thoughtful birthday gift, roles shift violently in this sweet billionaire romance novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Elana Johnson.

Esther Pinnett owns the most successful car service in Getaway Bay. She drives everyone from tourists to billionaires like Marshall Robison. Maybe she's had a crush on the handsome pineapple plantation owner for a while now. Maybe.

Marshall has sworn off women, and he only takes dates to public events if he has to. Never the same one twice, because if he doesn't get attached, then he can't get hurt. Esther's always been professional and kind, and when she gifts him with a book for his birthday, his eyes open to the possibility of a second chance at love.

Neither of them know how to take things from business to personal, but when Marshall asks Esther on a second date - breaking all of his dating rules - everything is laid open between them. Will he be rewarded with his One True Love? Or will he lose his heart again?