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Electronic Nose

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What Is Electronic Nose

An electronic nose is a kind of electronic sensing technology designed specifically for the purpose of detecting aromas or tastes. Electronic sensing is the power of duplicating human senses via the use of sensor arrays and pattern recognition algorithms. This skill is referred to as "electronic sensing."

How You Will Benefit

(I) Insights, and validations about the following topics:

Chapter 1: Electronic nose

Chapter 2: Biosensor

Chapter 3: Nanosensor

Chapter 4: Aroma compound

Chapter 5: Geosmin

Chapter 6: Odor detection threshold

Chapter 7: Machine olfaction

Chapter 8: Canine cancer detection

Chapter 9: Olfactory fatigue

Chapter 10: Gas detector

Chapter 11: Odor

Chapter 12: Sense of smell

Chapter 13: Olfactometer

Chapter 14: Body odour and sexual attraction

Chapter 15: Breath gas analysis

Chapter 16: Sniffing (behavior)

Chapter 17: Insect olfaction

Chapter 18: Volatilome

Chapter 19: Coronavirus breathalyzer

Chapter 20: Chemical sensor array

Chapter 21: Gas chromatography-olfactometry

(II) Answering the public top questions about electronic nose.

(III) Real world examples for the usage of electronic nose in many fields.

(IV) 17 appendices to explain, briefly, 266 emerging technologies in each industry to have 360-degree full understanding of electronic nose' technologies.

Who This Book Is For

Professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and those who want to go beyond basic knowledge or information for any kind of electronic nose.