Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook

Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook




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Eat well before and after weight-loss surgery Weight-loss surgery is a life-changing procedure that can have amazing positive effects on your body, health and happiness. However, the key to a successful recovery from weight-loss surgery is to have the right support, and the right information so you can make the best food choices for your body. Weight-Loss Surgery Cookbook will shed light on the journey that you will travel in the weeks and months following your weight-loss surgery, and give you inspiring and thoughtful advice on eating healthy post-surgery. Whether you are considering weight-loss surgery for the first time, or you have already completed the procedure, Weight-Loss Surgery Cookbook will teach you to create quick, nutritious and flavorful meals that are appropriate for the various stages of your weight-loss surgery recovery; from Full Liquids, to Soft Liquids, to Soft Foods. Weight-Loss Surgery Cookbook will be your guide to an easy recovery, with: 100 simple, healthy, no-fuss recipes Meals designed especially for each stage of weight loss surgery recovery Tips on preparing your kitchen before weight loss surgery, and how to change your eating habits after the procedure Helpful advice on building a support system, shopping for bargains with a smaller appetite, and reintroducing exercise into your lifestyle 10 useful tips for flavorful low-fat cooking 6 inspirations for celebrating your weight loss without food