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e-Safety | Kevin Campbell-Wright | Vearsa | 9781862017092 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

e-Safety by Kevin Campbell-Wright

e-Safety by Kevin Campbell-Wright from  in  category
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Title: e-Safety
Category: Engineering & IT
ISBN: 9781862017092
File Size: 0.42 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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E-safety is a growing concern in our learning lives, personally and professionally. The media is full of stories about the dangers of the online world and, in particular, social networking sites, an area where the rules of friendships and relationships are being re-defined. There are of course many positives and studies are increasingly showing that giving learners of all ages online access is not only sensible, but also beneficial providing safeguards are put in place and responsible practice is observed. However, with Ofsted's increased focus on safeguarding measures, the rise of digital literacy and the greater expectations of learners and, where appropriate, their parents or guardians, many education providers are left wondering which way to turn. This highly topical book aims to act as a practical guide through the minefield of e-safety in learning, examining: why people might use, or benefit from, online interaction; what the dangers of online interaction might be; the guidance that already exists; approaches to take with learners and staff; how to prepare your organisation's e-safety strategy. The book is essential reading for safeguarding or e-safety staff in post-16 education; managers involved in developing e-safety strategies, administering resource centres, libraries or open access ICT centres, or preparing for Ofsted inspection; tutors looking to embed e-safety into learning sessions; college marketing staff interested in dangers relating to social media marketing; and general education staff interested in how they present themselves online.


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