The Preacher’s Daughter

The Preacher’s Daughter

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A billionaire cowboy, an unrequited crush, and a second chance start for these two best friends...

Landon Edmunds, a cowboy born and bred, has had his rodeo dreams realized and then dashed by a career-ending injury. Back in his hometown working at Horseshoe Home Ranch, he yearns for a new beginning with a ranch of his own. His sights are set on buying a horse ranch to train rodeo horses, but his plans take a detour when his high school best friend, Megan Palmer, steps back into his life.

Megan, the reverend's daughter, has returned to Gold Valley with a mission: to refurbish her father's church so he can retire in peace. She turns to Landon for help, and their old camaraderie soon ignites into something hotter. Megan believes that God has guided her back to her hometown for a reason, and she dares to hope that Landon could be her forever cowboy. But with Landon contemplating leaving town again, their budding romance might never bloom.

As they work together and delve deeper into their faith, Megan and Landon must decide if their future lies within the comforting borders of Gold Valley or out in the wide, beckoning world.

Will they choose to follow their hearts, or will they let true love slip through their fingers again?