Right Cowboy, Right Time

Right Cowboy, Right Time

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A happy-go-lucky cowboy, a fiery veterinarian, and the mistaken identity that sparks a new romance...

Caleb Chamberlain, a fun-loving cowboy at Horseshoe Home Ranch, has spent the last five years wrestling with the ghosts of his past—a devastating breakup, alcoholism, and a near-fatal accident. Now, he's finally found solace in laughter and the rhythmic simplicity of ranch life. But a chance encounter with a familiar face threatens to upheave his newfound peace.

Holly Gray, fiery and driven, is back in town to gain the requisite veterinary hours for her graduate program. When she mistakes Caleb for his twin brother, Nathan—her ex-fiancé—Caleb is too intrigued to correct her immediately. Holly and Nathan's history is a tangled one, and Caleb wasn't around much when they were together. But now, he finds himself wanting to know Holly better, despite her plans to leave town in eight months.

When a pneumonia outbreak in the ranch's cattle herd forces Caleb and Holly to work together, their chemistry is undeniable. But Holly still holds a grudge against the woman she believes was the cause of her breakup with Nathan. As she and Caleb grow closer, she must discern whether her feelings for him are genuine or simply remnants of her love for Nathan. Can they navigate the shadows of the past to find their happily-ever-after?