Second Chance Family

Second Chance Family

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A handsome cowboy, a single mother, and a second chance for these high school sweethearts...

Ty Barker has been living a carefree existence for the last thirty years. As friends around him found love and started families, Ty filled his time by giving horseback riding lessons and serving on a community service committee. But beneath the jovial surface, he's starting to feel the sting of loneliness.

Enter River Lee Whitely, back in Gold Valley with her two little girls and a heart scarred by a bitter divorce. She has a new job at Silver Creek that necessitates horse riding skills. When she nearly bowls Ty over during her first lesson, he's more than okay with it. River Lee was the one who got away—the unforgettable summer love who left him with a single, searing kiss before she left for college.

Ty is quick to realize that River Lee needs time to adjust to her new job, her new home, and her life as a single mother. But patience has never been Ty's strong suit. He knows he wants River Lee in his life—but the question is, can he navigate the delicate steps needed to make her stay with him?