The Children of the Lightning

The Children of the Lightning

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This is for you if you like Urban Fantasy, Rivers of London, The Dresden Files, American Gods, and The King's Watch.

Book 2 in the Black Museum series featuring the world's most unlikely hero, DCI Judas Iscariot.

DCI Judas Iscariot of Scotland Yard's occult division, the Black Museum, is heading into harm's way – again. The Order of the Black Sun, a secret Nazi society of evil magical practitioners, has stolen a book so powerful that it once resided in the Library of the Heavens, guarded by angels and far from the meddling hand of man. The Order plans to use its arcane power to unleash a terrifying weapon on the world, starting with London.

Judas is on for the fight of his long, long life, and he's going to need an extraordinary team to help him win through. Old friends and new – warrior angels, werewolves, a 17th-century highwayman and his trusty steed, ghostly mariners and an enigmatic Atlantean warrior – will stand by him until the end. Or at least he hopes they will.

If he fails, the enemy will destroy everything he has been ordered to protect. But, even if he defeats the enemy, will it truly be enough to earn history's most famous betrayer the redemption he so desperately craves?

Everything is at stake, and nothing is what it seems. Will it be glory, death or something far worse?